News FLASH! Stella may be French…

On Tuesday, Stella and Lindsey came to Fayetteville to browse in my shoe shop… Stella is walking and starting to talk, she kept chasing Presley around saying PUPeeee — she must be French. Presley is very selfish and doesn’t like anything smaller than her, especially if they get more attention, so she growled alot, but her tail kept wagging so I think she was mildly entertained at the idea of having a small child around about as much as me – 2 hours tops – then they go back to mommy!

Where’s Timmy?

Presley, my dog, has many talents – she is a tad OCD and organizes her toys and she also knows them all by names that I give them… she had duck, mailman, pig and cow – she puts them in size order and keeps up with them very well. She always knows where they are too. I named her new toy Timmy which makes for great fun when I get to ask her “Did Timmy fall down the well?” She gets so excited about this and runs around like crazy to find Timmy. It’s a great throw back to Lassie!
Thankfully, Timmy has yet to drown in the well.

Happy Mother’s Day 2008

Although I am not a traditional mom, I do consider my dog my baby! Presley is almost 5 and I’ve had her since she was a baby puppy! She got me some great new black Stilettos since the toes of my other ones are all scuffed up! Thanks Presley! =)

I did get to go to lunch with my mom and my grandma (dad’s mom) today. We went to the always tasty Outback; which randomly enough is where Mike and I went to dinner last night, so I’ve had my fill of Outback for the year mates…
As you can see from the pictures – we are all blondes, hehe!
Most all of my friends are new mothers this year, so Happy Mother’s Day to you! And for all my girl friends with dogs – we technically have been mothers longer than our friends with human babies… so a very Happy Mother’s Day to you as well!!!
Since Katie is in Chile, obviously, she could not be here, but she did sent some very pretty flowers!

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