for my PEEPS!

Yeah, so its a cheezy title… oh well…

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. I received some fabulous pictures… Here’s Stella in her Easter ears…

Libby looked oh so pretty in her yellow Easter dress.

Here’s to SPRING!!! Hopefully summer is fast approaching!

Babies! & Kansas City & no $

Lynn updated her baby blog finally… after like 6 months– so check that out – Baby Dunning in the line up on the right.

As mentioned earlier, most of my friends have babies. Lindsey – you need a blog for Stella.

It’s an Ice Day here today – not snow and really not a whole lot of ice but enough for me to stay home since I can’t get off the hill. I’m working from home, which I really enjoy. I think I am definitely disciplined enough to get things done on my own. The hardest part is not being able to just run across the office to talk to someone. I’m watching the True Hollywood Story of the cast of Full House. Jodie Sweeten didn’t age very well by the way…

I’m trying to figure out the best way to put some pictures on here.

I was in Kansas City all weekend long setting up my booths for the Wal-Mart Year Beginning Meeting – Here are some pics of my fabulous display booths. It was FREEEEEZING in KC – the high was 14 and the wind chill was below zero – I’ve never been to KC for anything but work but I’m going back in about a month for Cole’s Bachelorette party and I know it’ll be fun, no matter what the temperature!

Not much going on here – still vowing to not go out until Valentine’s Day so much unless its free – that’s going to work in our favor the next few weeks – I have a couple of Komen events and Young Professionals – all free! YAY!

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