Yep… this about sums it up!

from the movie “The Sweetest Thing…”

Apparently, so I’ve been told, this needs explination. The beging of the scene, Cameron Diaz’s character is bitching about how her boobs have moved from the time she was 22 until the current whe “she” is 28… Although I don’t have that exact problem, I’ve not had too much of an issue with gravity there, I do know that what I could do when I was 22, I most certainly can not do now that I am 28…
And well, I just don’t know how to edit the video to take the arm thing out…

Self Tanner … and apparently how to remove self tanner

I LOVE THE TANNING BED! I have an addiction… the first step is admitting you have a problem, I know this.

I’m trying to cut back, which means for me going maybe only once a week. So I’ve been looking for alternatives, and I like what I’ve found.

Jergens makes a great lotion: Natural Glow Express. I use this at night because it does still have that salty smell… so you don’t want to use this at the start of your day. Showering in the morning works just fine so you don’t smell like salty self tanner.

In the mornings I use Neutrogena Micro Mist Tanning spray. It’s great because it is such a fine mist.I’ve been pretty good so far to avoid streaks and splotches so I haven’t had to frantically scour the Internet to find some crazy way to instantly remove self tanner short of bleaching your skin. However, I stumbled upon a remarkable way to, if not remove it, at least even it out a bit.

I use Envi shave gel, it cheap and gets the job done and doesn’t smell like a funeral parlor or like the drink I may have had last night – both key in picking scents of anything! I love flowers and I love to drink, just read most of my blog, but I don’t want my beauty products to take me overboard with either of those elements. (I use the blue one…)

Anyway, as I was using above product this morning, I noticed that most of my tan was coming off as well in the razor… albeit, shaving is an agent of exfoliation. I have now realized that it seemed to even things out and I am not too pale, so I am assuming it did not scrape off any epidermial layers – yes I think I made that word up – thanks House and Grey’s Anatomy.

So, there’s my lesson for the day – notsomuch a way to remove, but a good 3 step process to ensure that your self tanning experience does not go the way of Ross Geller.

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