Garage Sale update and notice of Resale Shops NOT to shop at!!!

My sale was a great success! I got rid of so much stuff. It’s always amazing what people will buy and what they won’t… in total I made about a $1000 so I think I win!

I was a bit disappointed that more of my clothes didn’t sell, but that just wasn’t the clientele of my sale – clearly the boat mention in the adds drew a different crowd – they weren’t interested in my clothes. So my great plan was to take my remaining clothes to a resale shop. I went through the lot piece by piece and folded it neatly and took strict inventory. I went ahead and took the t-shirts and other plain items to Goodwill. By my calculations, at and average of $5 a piece, I was expecting $700 total, but would be happy with $500 if they took it all.

My first stop was Plato’s Closet in Fayetteville. I was there as it opened but was not the first one in line to sell clothes – no worries, I waited… when it was my turn, I helped get all my bags onto the counter and then was told it would be about 30 minutes and I could leave if I wanted – NO WAY – I stayed very close to my clothes. They had no interest in my formal dresses nor my business attire, but I had plenty of “going out clothes” to last someone a few years…. well, out of 85 pieces that she sorted through, she only was interested in 14 and was only going to offer me $37.10 for them – WHAT? really? I told her no thank you and that the pair of boots she personally wanted cost 3 times that to begin with and there was not anyway I was going to take the insult of $2 a piece! I’d rather give it away that that!!!

2nd stop was a place in Bentonville “Check My Closet.” I remember that’s where lots of people in High School would go to buy their homecoming and prom dresses so I thought this would be a great place to sell my formals and my suits, etc. NO! WRONG AGAIN!!!! The owner of this shop could not have been any ruder to me (and Melanie was with me too). It was ridiculous.

So here’s my plan – I’m keepin’ the clothes and will have another great sale one weekend in September when there is not a football game! However, if you are interested in a private showing, or are in need of a formal (sizes 2 and 4 and 6), feel free to give me a ring!!! I’ll hook you up!

So all in all, the sale was good, as I mentioned earlier. I do want to say a special thank you to Lindsey and Jason… they helped me move ALL of my crap from Dallas – they are great friends to have done that AND still talk to me today!!! Love you both!

Makin my way to Denver

I’m in Denver this weekend for a fabulous premier party for Sex and the City: The Movie! I arrived yesterday via Tulsa – I’m not a fan of the Tulsa airport. I did get some great shopping done prior to my flight!

There was a family that was at the ticket counter with me waiting for it to open – their screaming child didn’t help the ticket counter open any earlier. That was 2 hours before the flight was scheduled … in my 2 hours I had a tasty meal of chicken tenders (of course) and multiple gin and tonics. Apparently the little screaming girl held ALL her crazy in until she got on the plane — as we were in line to board the plane she was so friendly and giving everyone high fives and winking at people – strangers ate that up. I cringed! I knew what was looming… she SCREAMED the entire flight. Also there was a crazy old woman next to me, but she kept to herself after a few odd comments – her John Grisham paperback kept her occupied.
Our flight attendant was super creepy – she was all about flirting with the equally creepy businessman in the row opposite me – so much to the point she was practically sitting on the arm rest = his lap.
The flight got a little bumpy on the descent – which apparently is common – I don’t see how predicted turbulance can ever be common – if you know it’s there – fly straighter or something! Just like if you know there is ice on the road – you don’t go 90 mph! Around then is when I really started regretting that 3rd g&t!
Once we landed, the Denver airport was a welcome site! It seems to be a very nice and new (or at least well renovated) airport! I made my way to baggage claim and was pretty proud of myself for navigating through the air port – I know it really isn’t that tough but I have this fear of airports… anyway I finally found Elizabeth after multiple “where are you” “I’m by the Frontier sign” conversations – there are LOTS O FRONTIER signs!
Chad was really excited to eat Mexican food last night so we rode the train downtown to a Mexican place that has a 2 margarita max!
Today is the day! The premier of SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!
Stay tuned….

click next…

I thought it would be a fun and inspiring experiment to click the “next” button on the blogger dashboard… Here’s some interesting things I found as well as some other stuff worth thinking about.

  • there are a lot of blogs en espanol! no hablo!!! je cependant parle fran├žais
  • check out this cool picture – take note – I want this shot, when and if I ever get married, sans the brown hair
  • I LOVE baby piglets!!!

  • people (including me) need better photography skills
  • Lindsey has some competition with Little Snails and Pony Tails…
  • great quote: “Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue. Be the PIGEON!”
  • a bunch of if’s – if Mike had a Wimerimer (he hates them), if Mike had a really bad hair cut (which he does not) and if Mike had really poor taste in decor, not sure about that one, I don’t think so but who would ever know? THIS WOULD BE TRUE…
  • someone named their child Korde, eh… but I do like the name Finn
  • is not as cool as it should be neither is
  • i’m sad that i already know that mike won’t be here on my birthday
  • i’m really tired of watching how candy is made – it’s all the same – damn unwrapped!
  • i’m so very ready to go back to VEGAS and can’t wait to go to NYC in December although not ready to skip spring and summer
  • there is some tacky ass jewelry hawked on TV – STAY AWAY!
  • Michelle needs to check out, make her own blog and post her way better stuff!!!
  • someone’s typical day is swimming, Wal-Mart and bridge… AWESOME!
  • there are some super cute puppies and some not so cute kids – yes I know I’m probably now destined to have not so cute kids – please lie to me, but don’t dare say they are happy babies!
  • there is a blog dedicated to the weather patterns in KC – it’s always f-ing COLD!!! there blogdone luvbye!
  • drug court with Judge Gunn is on public access tonight (it may be on every night actually)- anyway… some one actually came up to my mom the other night at dinner and told her that they were watching aforementioned “show” and that they saw “billy” (former student) on drug court – for reals? that just happened! Don’t be on drug court because this person WILL see you, she WILL tell my mom…
  • there is a baby girl name Lochlan – too close to the Lochness monster… bad idea YOU MUST THINK ABOUT THESE THINGS how will names come back to haunt your teenage daughter?

So that pretty much wraps it up – musings for the evening. I think that was a fun and productive test of personality!

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