Sex and the City known as Fayetteville

Sex and the City 2 opened last week and although my plans to have a repeat of the fabulous watch party we had for the first one failed miserably… I still immensely enjoyed going the midnight showing with 2 fabulous ladies.

Let me start by saying if you only watched the series on TBS you do not really have the level of appreciation I think is needed to truly enjoy the movie. There I said it. Our midnight movie looked more like a late night rush meeting – everyone in gym clothes with blankets and snuggies in tow. {Ewww – really? You bring a blanket to the movies?} As we were walking out I actually heard a group of girls say it was cheesy and that they didn’t get 90% of the puns… pure blasphemy!

2 years ago, we have a fabulous watch party in Denver – every seat in the movie, in which every theater was showing SATC, was donned in a cocktail dress and a minimum of 3 inch heals… I was at best disappointed in the turn out here in Fayetteville.

However, I cannot complain about the movie – Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda completely delivered – the fashion was outrageous (to be expected), the adventures were wild and the story actually kept with the theme from the previous movie on most all parts. I feel like it ended in a way that most likely will not be made into a 3rd – and I’m ok with that. I’m contemplating re-watching the entire series and writing about the crazy antics of which I can relate to the stories of my friends and the way we were/are!

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