I heart Tina Fey!

Sarah Palin/Katie Couric

Sarah Palin/Hilary Clinton

Obama Notes ‘Remarkable’ Resemblance of Palin and Fey
By Perry Bacon Jr. Sen. Barack Obama finally had something to say about the other break-out star of the 2008 campaign, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, after spending the past several weeks trying to ignore her. “The resemblance is remarkable,” Obama told “Entertainment Tonight” when asked about actress Tina Fey’s portrayal of Palin on “Saturday Night Live.” Obama taped an appearance on ET in Detroit on Sunday after a campaign event and was joined in the interview by his wife, Michelle, vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden and Biden’s wife, Jill. As for how SNL was portraying him, Obama said, “My ears are easy to characterize.” “Just big,” his wife noted. “It’s a compliment,” Obama added. “If you haven’t been on ‘SNL,’ then you must not be mixing it up in politics.”

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