Tall Boys…

This photo is from October 2006… good picture of me and Mike, however the key to this picture is the ever present “Tall Boy” beer…

This had been deemed a staple for Mike on more than one occasion by fellow party goers, tail gaters, random passers by and probably a family member or two for apparently the past 2+ years. I never really thought too much about it, but they just keep coming up in conversation and now in random photos in my “gallery.”
For those of you confused, a “tall boy” is defined as a 24 oz can of beer. These were popular back with Gypsy was open because Coors Light tall boys were super cheap, so really, why not? Now they are more novel than anything else.
When I was stocking up on beer for the first game, this would be the day of the Crawfist Boil, in my partial hangover mixed with the zeal and glee of a new football and tailgating season, I went a little overboard at the beer store. I got my bottle of vodka for the following day of heavy tailgating (Absolout mind you, not that cheapo crap), along with a case of Miller Light regular cans AND a case of Miller Light tall boys. Being that we are by no means alcoholics (well, especially not Mike) this was A LOT of beer and vodka.
Anyway, it’s 4 games in and we still have tall boys in the fridge, and you will be happy to know that YES there actually is still some vodka left – yay me!
So I figure we have enough tall boys left so that they will continue to be a staple in Mike’s hand at some point during each Hog game festivity and so everyone around will always know the world is right, so long as the tall boys make it out of the ice chest!!!

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