Happy Birthday Katie

Today is my sister Katie’s birthday, she’s 23… In case you don’t know she lives in Chile, teaching English to college students. She has a blog listed to the right, but don’t bother – she doesn’t update it! =)
Anyway, she’s slated to be there until Christmas and then potentially will move back to the states. Although my mother has threatened to move to Chile as well should another Republican get elected into the White House. So they may both be way south of the border come the new year…
Wish her a happy birthday!

7:40 am = the twilight zone

I’ve come to the realization that 7:40 on week day mornings doesn’t really exist – it’s either 7:30 or 7:50…
I know this because I try to leave the house by 7:30 each morning for work knowing that this is more than enough time to get there, technically I could leave at 7:40 but as we know – that doesn’t really exist! If I’m not out of the house by 7:30, it will inevitably become 7:50 in a mere matter of minutes – and then I am late to work because I get behind multiple school buses…

So, buyer beware – don’t ever ask me to do anything at 7:40 in the morning because I may just get lost in some sort of space time continuum!

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