Game Day – First Game – Arkansas vs. W. Illinois

Saturday, August 30th was the first Razorback Football Game of the season! We had been preparing for it since about February when we got in the lottery for our parking spaces! We need and upgrade and Amanda got us prime parking for the entire year! Parking is important because that’s where we stay ALL DAY LONG – if the game is at 6 pm – we are out the door by 10:30 to head up to tailgate!

Here’s the THSC girls all decked out in our first game, red fineries…
Brittany, Amanda, Ari, Jennifer and me…
After a long day of socializing and what not, it was time for “the circle” this is one of those random traditions that has been around for A LONG TIME! About 30 minutes before we all walk to the game, the fight song starts playing from someones car stereo and we all circle up for Turkey Hill and Boone’s Farm Strawberry. The bottles get passed around until they are empty… This game Brittany finished off the bottle in fine form… There happened to be a side bet going on that none of us were aware of… apparently Zack lost and had to wear a “murse” aka “man purse.” Ari tried to steal it, but not because she was jealous…

Here’s Mike and Kenny laughing about something – they probably can’t even understand each other over the slurred speech act of 2006 but that’s ok – they thought they were funny.

Danielle and Randall did a really good job on faking everyone out to make them think they could stand up straight – all that “gear” is really just part of the balancing act.

Brad has a hammer for some reason – no one knew why, no one locked their keys or their tickets in their car this game, although that did happen once upon a time last year.Here’s Jennifer and Amanda gettin’ all prettied up before walking – 6 hours in the sun and the humidity does a number on your cute outfit!And here’s what it’s all about – HOG FOOTBALL! 2 more months of good times to come!

Crawfist Boil and Actual Birthday Day

Every year before the first game, we all get together for a Crawfist Boil – no not misspelled – that’s a longer story for a later time…

This year was the 6th annual Crawfist Boil and it also happened to be my actual birthday! The THSC (Turkey Hill Social Club) Girls got me a fabulous cake and even had everyone sing to me! The cake was so pretty and yummy too! The top layer was pina colada and the bottom layer was strawberry – it was almost too pretty to eat, but we saved the top pig. It’s still in the freezer! =)

Benton County Birthday @ Bonefish Grill

To close out Birthday-a-palooza 2008, we had dinner with a great group of friends at Bonefish – one of my very favorite restaurants.

Michelle, Lindsey and Lynn did a lot to get it all organized and I’m so thankful for them – it was wonderful.
Here’s Lane, me, Suzanne and Amanda
Here’s Lynn, Heather and me…

Here’s me and Mike and also one of my fabulous chocolate cake…

And here’s the trio – Lindsey, Lynn and me – we’ve been friends for 10 years now! Look for a future update with some really old and not too incriminating pictures of the 3 of us…I had such a wonderful birthday celebration and I can not say Thank You enough to all the fabulous people that helped make it so special!

Randy Rogers Band

Thursday, the Randy Rogers Band played at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson. It was the 81st Anniversary of George’s and it was packed! Luckily, between all the people we knew going, there were 3 tables right by each other which worked out very well. Randy Rogers Band is very fun and much to our chagrin, becoming more popular which means more and more people pack into the venue, but hopefully that only means he’ll come back more often!

As this was my birthday eve, Heather brought a cake to share with everyone at midnight… it was very sweet of her to do and a great way to kick off my actual birthday! Sorry… no pictures of this cake…


As I mentioned before, I love birthdays and of course, it’s of no surprise that I love MY birthday! This year I turned 28… and celebrated in style! I was actually born on the Friday before Labor Day so my mother was pretty excited about the repeat of the entire weekend in commemoration I guess?
The next blogs will give you a play by play of the events of the weekend, because not only was it my Birthday, it was a Randy Rogers show at George’s, the Annual Crawfist Boil, AND the first Razorback football game of the Bobby Petrino era! It was a great weekend all the way around!

Just to be accurate, my celebration began on Wednesday night when I went to dinner with my parents… we went to Bordinos and I got some yummy Tiramisu!

Updates are a comin’

I have so many things to update about Birthday-a-palooza 08!

  • Randy Rogers Band at Georges
  • Birthday Day
  • Crawfish Boil
  • Game Day
  • Benton County Birthday Dinner

I had the best birthday ever, I have the most fabulous friends and the best boyfriend! I am so very blessed in my life right now and am grateful that everyone was able to share my wonderful weekend with me!

Lots of pictures to come as well!

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