Adventures at Sam Moon

If you don’t know what Sam Moon is, you are missing out! It’s a fabulous warehouse style import adventure of all things accessorizee! I love going there when ever I get the chance! I tried to go on July 4th – thinking it should totally be open, low and be hold IT WAS CLOSED! It was a sad afternoon. However, I went back on Saturday.
As I was browsing and fighting my way through the throngs of crazy women (no man ever makes it past the front door)… I over heard the irony of all ironic conversation… A very much wannabe fashionista 12 year old girl made the comment to her extremely over accessorized mother: “I’m gonna buy me that fake Louis over there” to which her mother replied “Your daddy’s gonna be in China next week, he’ll just get you a real one.” Bless their hearts…

There is also a great shoe store in the Sam Moon complex and I got two pairs of fabulous shoes that are sure to hurt my feet, but they are freakin’ cute!

Milestones for babies!

As previously mentioned (more than once)… my group of friends stay in the 80th percentile of consistently being pregnant… I feel that’s a good term of measurement because I hear about a lot of percentiles ie my baby’s head circumference is in the 60th percentile, my baby is in the 108th percentile of height and weight, my baby’s middle toe is in the 4th percentile in the fact that it should be longer than the big toe – ya know, everyday things like that.

Anyway, so as nature has its way, these babies all grow up so fast! Stella celebrated her FIRST birthday and Dunning and Anna Claire celebrated their 1/2 birthdays!!! Very exciting for their families and their fan base! All these precious babies have blogs of their own, they can be found in the “real people” blog list to the right… it’s amazing that these kids type so well – what percentile would that be considered?

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