I always wanted to be a “Lady who Lunches”

I always try to go to the lunches that support the research of various cancers, those that support pound puppies, the ones that are in favor of a political candidate I support – however Friday was a new one, even for me. I was invited to attend the Poultry Festival Ladies Luncheon – or rather the Ladies of Poultry, which I like better because it sounds like it should be a calendar – next year for sure.

Poultry Fest is a big deal around these parts, since more than 1/3 of our local economy thrives on chicken and their by products. It consists not only of the Ladies Luncheon but also of booths and games and a midway feel of events all weekend long. Instead of a key-note speaker, there was a fashion show, all of the fashions were from the downtown Rogers establishment of Stevette’s and moderating the show was none other than Stevette herself. If you’ve seen the movie “The Sweetest Thing” you can equate this to the store where Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz perform a costume montage. I must admit that I have lived here for 20+ years and I have NEVER heard of Stevette’s…

One of the finer outfits was this – a full on Rodeo Queen get-up with sequins Razorbacks on the chaps and the back of her shirt, I’m heartbroken to say I have no picture of the back of this.

*note that is NOT me in this wonderful outfit


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