Pizza… lacking, Buzzwords, NOT LACKING

Friday night, after our more than 3 hour tour of lower Manhattan, we were famished and thirsty = beer and pizza. We were super excited to have real NY pizza… so Todd told us about a world famous Pizza Place – Grimaldi’s in Brooklyn, brick oven, talk of ages, pizza made of real history – so – we must try right? Off to Grimalidi’s we go to stand in line, as we were informed there IS A LINE, it cares not who you are or what you want, you wait in line you pay only in cash. You lika youra pizza… hmmmmmmmmm we only wanted take out, 2 pizzas, ok – we wait, it’s a beautiful night, we felt local, we could hang…. 45 minutes later…. We get to order. Then we wait. At least then we got chairs which was good because after all that wakling MZ’s knee could take no more. So down we sat to wait some more. We got our pizza, paid our cash and head back the ½ mile to the apartment. Along the way TP pointed out some of their fave local eateries. We were so hungry we could have eaten at each and every one of them In the same sitting. We got home and broke out the wine and unwrapped the pizzas, they looked super tasty. However, even as starving as we were, they were not that great. We still prefer Tims in Fayetteville or Giordano’s in Chicago… yeah that’s right, I compared pizza in Arkansas to pizza in Chicago…  The evening was great, we sat around and ate pizza and drank way too much wine and disuccessed all the crazy buzzwords we’ve heard in random presentations, then proceeded to make up our own. That WILL be it’s own blog posting, but for a spoiler, the winner is…. We’re gonna go Brazilian on that….


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