NY State of mind…Part deux of a few

The actual reason we were in NYC was for Milo’s baptism. Milo is MZ’s nephew and now Godson. He’s quite the charmer and I must say a brilliant child, of course he has brilliant parents so the expectations are high. Saturday was the literal blessed event. We walked down to the apartment but had to stop at the Peas and Pickles and pick up some beer because, really what Catholic baptism isn’t complete without beer. The baptism was absolutely lovely. The priest was so delightful. SO much so, that I even said if we had a priest like that at home, I might actually go to mass. He referred to God as a She – I kinda think that was just to see who was actually listening to the sermon, but nonetheless… a She God was…

After the ceremony we headed back to TP and KZ’s apartment to celebrate. Their friends were great and all very supportive. It was really cool to see such a long standing group of friends together, all raising their children together, all being overly successful together – really cool!

Again that afternoon, I got the chance to play tour guide! We rode the subway into Midtown and we came up right at Penn Station.  I love love LOVE the hustle and bustle of NYC and ALL the people and busy and crazy. MZ, not so much. We made it to Central Park and had a nice little rest on the green grass. It was packed, it was an absolutely perfect weekend in NYC weather wise and everything else-wise as well. So we hung out in the park for a bit and then we walked down Mecca, I mean 5th Ave for a while, back toward Times Square with the theory of hitting Penn Station again and going “home.” We of course had to stop and mack on some Magnolia Cupcakes…..we hopped on the subway and made our way safely home, yay! I was a bit worried I had no clue where we were going… surely he thought I was right? RIGHT?

That night we went to Noodle Pudding, which sounds really really strange but was on the post Grimaldi’s tour from Friday so we trusted Todd’s opinion… it was a quaint little Brooklyn Italian place that you could tell was good because there were some of them real I-talians eatin’ all up in that place. Seriously, I figure that is a good sign if families of Italian origin eat there… They apparently had just opened their sidewalk seating for the season and I secrectly wished for an outside table. My wish was granted! We had the most wonderful table that faced a park and you could see the lights of the Brooklyn Bridge as well! It was a great meal and I was happy to just have time to sit by ourselves and talk.


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