Why I dislike personalized spell check or rather idiots all together…

SOOOOO I’m emailing back and forth with this “sales rep” today at work. She’s been bugging me for about 3 weeks and I’ve been avoiding her as I don’t care to buy the crazy she’s selling. I know I need to go ahead and renew said wares but I’ve been waiting quietly and patiently for her to drop my rates down since I think I deserve that!
Anyway, clearly she’s trying to end out her quota for the month and apparently is leaving today until the end of the month. Well that’s not my problem, but she really wants my commitment today. At this point my hands are tied because too many people up the line that have to sign off on what I ask them to are also subsequently on vacay till 12/1.

So the issue lies in the fact that she’s been emailing me pretty much every hour on the hour and each time today she’s misspelled my name…
Thusfar today, I’ve been called:
· Tracie
· Cacie
· Laciy
· Tacy
No Gracies in the mix. She’s been emailing already so I know she knows my name… what is going on here! She’s not helping in her quest to meet her quota – let me assure you of that!


4 thoughts on “Why I dislike personalized spell check or rather idiots all together…

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  1. That has got to be so annoying! I could understand if it happened by accident once!
    Salespeople always call me by my last name assuming it’s my first name when they’re not paying attention, and it drives me nuts!!

  2. She was rushing and focusing on her quota, not her spelling. I would have emailed her back saying, “Before I even think about purchasing anything, I need to talk to someone who knows how to spell my name.”

  3. Hey Gracie, just found your blog and love it!

    Wanted to say hi!

    How annoying about that salesperson…how hard can a name be?!!!!


    In all honesty, if you’ve got other decent vendors, I’d email her back and be like “I’d love to, but how I can I be confident in your product when you can’t get my name right?”.

    I addressed this in one of my business blog posts long ago… poor attention to details like that is exponentially increased when you’re selling PRINT ADVERTISING… c’mon people.


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